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SFA - Sales Force Automation System


What is Our Sales Force Automation (SFA)?

The eVision SFA system will give you total visibility across entire sales and distribution channel. The system has been designed with rigorous field survey and battle tested in the field. All eVision software packages are developed 100% in Sri Lanka. Our software packages are developed using latest technologies that will keep you up to date for decades. Therefore, it can be modified as your requirements change. You get our dedicated service and support during any issue. Due to our modularized architecture customers can start with core modules and purchase other modules later, as their business grows. The eVision SFA system will help you to minimize the delays, costs and mistakes associated with manual procedures.


  • Gives you total visibility across the entire sales and distribution network
  • Less mistakes
  • Minimize manual work
  • Less frauds
  • Cost effective
    • Elimination of manual data-entry operators
    • Reduction of telephone bills (less communication required)
    • Reduction of OT, transport etc…
    • Elimination of manual order books
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Fast sales cycles
  • Staff time is utilized effectively
  • No rework
  • Real-time monitoring of target vs. actual performance
  • Management can take immediate corrective actions without waiting until month end (Eg:- marketing campaigns etc…)
  • Sales staff is motivated to meet the month-to-date targets without rushing at end of month. Therefore additional transport, OT required to meet month-end high demand can be reduced.
  • All required management information are at your fingertips
  • Highly customizable according to your requirements

The Modules We Offer